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The Parent

DadandtheboysJulio has enjoyed being a hands-on parent to his daughter Corrie (28), son Cullen (25) and adoptive son Jesus (17). When Corrie and Cullen were in grade school at Laurel Hall, Julio volunteered to create and conduct a student orchestra in which Corrie played flute and Cullen played bass. When both children displayed talent for running, Julio volunteered to become the long distance running coach of the San Fernando Valley Raiders Track Team. Cullen went on to become a nationally rated 3000-meter runner and his cross-country team won the age group national AAU championship when Cullen was 10 years old. When Jesus was 10, he also displayed talent as a runner, leading his team, the Valley Striders, to a 3rd place in the national AAU Championships in Virginia Beach. He now concentrates on being a scholar in the School For Advanced Studies at Birmingham High. Meanwhile, son Cullen is now a working actor who has co-starred on such TV series ahs Criminal Minds, Zoey 101 and Strong Medicine. Daughter Corrie channeled her talents to the culinary world, becoming a certified Cordon Blu chef, now serving as General Manager of Native Foods in San Diego.